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Fae-touched by Joel Bisaillon
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June 2k24 • vol viii issue 1

Summertime Magic
(with caveats)

prose by
Maureen BowdenBeth CatoEd TejaGerri LeenPhil EmeryMarcus Ten LowColleen AndersonShikhar DixitPaul MagnanDebbie HaddowLuke WalkerJohn GreyAnton CancreNed Marcusrob lane wilderMonica LouzonLorraine Schein

art and graphic narrative by
Sonali RoyDagny SellorinBrian Malachy QuinnMarge SimonHira RashidAngela PateraCarl ScharwathTim Hildebrandt

cover art by Joel Bisaillon
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Note that content in Penumbric sometimes contains adult language and/or situations. If it were TV, it would be rated MA.

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